Are you supporting a worthy cause?

Awareness ribbons make and supply ribbons for all health and social awareness days including: 

HIV/aids awareness day (red ribbon), awareness ribbon colours

breast cancer (light pink ribbon), 16 days of activism against women and child abuse(white ribbon), autism (puzzle pieces ribbon), anti tobacco awareness (brown ribbon), cancer (all awareness days including turquoise), and all other noted health awareness days.

Awareness ribbons are short pieces of colored satin ribbon folded into a loop, pinned to the wearers breast and are used world wide as a  way for the wearers of the ribbon(s) to make a statement of support for a cause or issue. Awareness ribbons have come to symbolize various meanings and support for various causes depending on the colors and/or the patterns used. Today, awareness ribbons are considered a universal symbol for social, health or disease awareness creation.

Our satin awareness ribbons are thirteen centimeters long and one centimeter wide, then heat cut to size, folded and safety-pined with little brass pins, ready for use.  We are able to make awareness ribbons in various colours, including corporate or internal focus groups.  Customize your awareness ribbons by foiling or printing a logo, image or slogan on the satin ribbons for instance "cancer can be beaten" etc. These ribbons can be used for any type of awareness campaign big or small.

red ribbon branded psgAs a standard item we normally have RED for HIV/Aids, Light Pink for breast cancer awareness and White for activism against violence aimed at women and children in stock, ready to order and wear.   Should you wish to order branded awareness ribbons a minimum order of 1500 units is applicable.  
It is very popular among large companies to brand their ribbons with their logo, or to create awareness ribbons for special projects like the "Who I am makes a difference" campaign.

The standard size used for our awareness ribbons is a 10 mm wide (one centimeter) ribbon cut into thirteen centimeter (130 mm) lengths.   We can however customise these sizes according to customer requirement (minimum qty's do apply for orders like this).


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 white ribbon campaign  who i am makes a difference campaign
White Ribbon campaign Who I am makes a difference campaign